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The Wild Bunch Show Team History.

 The show team was formed in 1995 after its Chairman at the time could not find a suitable western group in the area 

so the wild bunch was formed with only 3 people all them years ago, and has since gone from strength to strength.

 There has been a series of members who have come and gone but we have now been fine tuned into a professional and authentic team.

 We now have a 90ft three dimensional town which forms the backdrop to our professionally 

scripted, lip sync'd shows, delivered by our dedicated team of 'Westerners'.

 We are fully self contained with our own sound system, Barriers and Power.

 We can add that special something to any venue or event. So if you feel that we can 

enhance your Gala, steam rally, presentation, party, fate or Wedding .....E-Mail us!


New Chairman & Deputy

 Due to the retirement of Tony the group has had to be restructured and Simon (Nevada) 

has been voted as the new chairman for the wild bunch and he has a new number 2 Phil (Cookie). The group has had a very good 2014 even 

with all the changes and have already got bookings for 2015.

 We are enhancing our town by making it taller and stronger due to the 

damage over the last few years with all the bad weather we all have had, 

but what ever the weather, you've booked us and we have been there for you. 


Has been bad years for the group at the beginning of each year with vehicle break downs and ill health with some members. For the first time the

 group could not make a couple of appointments due to a few problems but we got sorted. We almost lost 2 of our members over the season due to

 ill health, they are both doing well now but it was an emotional time for us all.